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Liu Scholar

I was recently made a Liu Scholar by the Liu Institute for Global Issues. The Liu Scholar Program brings together doctoral students from various disciplines whose research intersects with global issues. As a Liu Scholar, I hope to collaborate with researchers and other stakeholders to explore how the science of culture and cultural evolution can be applied to issues, such as sustainability, security, and social justice.

Runner Up in Elsevier’s Peer Review Challenge

Elsevier recently ran a competition where researchers around the world were asked How do you see the future of peer review?. I submitted an idea that leverages the power of reputation. My idea involved an anonymous reputation point system inspired by public peer-reviewed forums like Reddit,, StackOverflow, and You can read a summary of my entry here. The winner of the competition, Simon Gosling, had a similar suggestion, but with a greater focus on badges. Simon and I are now working with Clare Lehane and Elsevier to pilot our ideas on an Elsevier journal.

This is actually the second Elsevier competition I have won. In 2009, our CSIRO team was one of three finalists in the Elsevier Grand Challenge.